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Fudan University Chinese Language In-Country Intensive January School
Shanghai, China (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: January
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
January 2019 02/09/2018 02/10/2018 27/12/2018 18/01/2019
Fact Sheet:
Program Type:
Short-term overseas study-study abroad
Language of Instruction:
Chinese (Mandarin)
Program Description:
Fudan language Dept banner

Fudan University Chinese Language In-Country Intensive January School

What is the Fudan University Chinese Language In-Country Intensive January School?
This is an intensive Chinese language program in China. Classes will be conducted in the mornings from Monday to Friday. On weekends, there will be excursions to places of interest in the surrounding area. In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as calligraphy and Tai Chi.

This Program is being organised and run by the Chinese Section of the Asia Institute together with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University. A member of the staff of the Chinese Section will accompany the students to Shanghai and remain at Fudan University for the duration of the subject.

Where is it?
Fudan University is one of China’s most prestigious universities with years of experience teaching Chinese as a second language. It is situated in Shanghai. Travel arrangements will be explained in further detail at the briefing sessions.

Fudan University website:

When will it be?
The timing of the program depends on the date of the Chinese New Year. As such, the dates will vary from year to year, but the program will be over the summer break and last for approximately four weeks.

2019 dates:  27 Dec 2018 to 18 January 2019

Who can participate?
This program is open to all University of Melbourne undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Those who would like to receive credit towards their University of Melbourne degree or diploma for this study must meet the minimum University requirements for Study Abroad.

They must also meet the Chinese Section-specific requirements:

  • As a minimum, students are required to have completed at least one semester of Chinese language study at the University of Melbourne prior to this program’s commencement. Students who have learned Chinese at an institution elsewhere should contact Dr Shaoming Zhou in the Asia Institute to determine their suitability. 
  • For those who would like to take the Program for their own interest and not seek credit, they do not have to meet the requirements above.  They must, however, contact Dr Zhou and make that clear as a slightly different application process will be required.

How many can participate?
For the Program to go ahead there must be a minimum of 16 students. If this number is not reached the Program will be cancelled. The maximum number of students who can participate in 2019 is 32.  Where more students apply than there are places available, preference will be given to second and third year students.

How do I enrol in Study Abroad and receive credit for my degree/diploma at Melbourne?
The Study Overseas website contains an overview of the process.

In the case of the Fudan University Chinese Language In-Country Intensive January School, students follow the steps below:

  1. Email your expression of interest to Dr Shaoming Zhou at by Wednesday, 15 August, 2018.  The following information should be included in your email: 
    • name
    • student number
    • most recent Chinese language subject undertaken (first or second semester 2018) at this University
    • degree and diploma (if relevant)
    • University of Melbourne email address
    • Contactable phone number
    This will assist in reserving accommodation.
  2. Attend an initial briefing session held by Asia Institute on Friday, 25 May or a repeat session on Wednesday, 15 August (you do not need to go to both).
  3. Pay a non-refundable deposit of $300 by Friday, 31 August, 2018 (later payment will not be accepted).
  4. Submit your application online by Sunday, 2 September through the Fudan University brochure page.
  5. Please upload the receipt for your payment of your deposit in the essay question. Later submission is not accepted.
  6. Submit a study plan online by Sunday, 2 September through the Study Planner, the link for which is in the application form.*
  7. If your application is approved, you will be considered automatically for a Melbourne Global Scholars Award.
  8. When you have been approved to participate, you submit an application form on line to Fudan University.
  9. Once you receive your acceptance from Fudan University you must provide that to Stop 1 so that they can update your enrolment.
  10. Prepare for departure.
  11. Attend subject, including sitting all assessment.
  12. Receive academic transcript and submit to Stop 1 so that, assuming you are successful, your credit can be transferred to your degree/diploma at Melbourne^.
* Final study plan approval is at the discretion of the Stop 1.
^ Credit is ungraded.

Will I require a passport and visa?
All students must have a current passport which is valid for at least six months beyond the date when they expect to leave China. Students who do not have a passport or do not have the required six months validity must immediately apply for a new passport.  Your passport will be required by the consulate for your visa and the airline for your ticket.  Students who hold more than one passport must use the same passport for the airline ticket as they will use to enter China.

All students except Chinese citizens will require a visa. You will be told when you should apply but it will be towards the end of the year. Failure to obtain a visa will mean that you will not be able to go to China.

What is the cost?
In 2019 for those who travel with the group the cost is $1,750. This includes:

  • Student ID card
  • Tuition
  • Text books and other teaching materials
  • Group transfer to and from the airport in Shanghai (if student is not arriving / departing with the group, airport transfer costs are NOT Refundable)
  • calligraphy and Tai Chi activities
  • Weekend activities (Shanghai city tour, Zhujiajiao Town and Suzhou City)
For those who do not travel with the group, the cost is $1,850 (includes $100 administration fee).

  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required by Friday, 31 August, 2018
  • Payment of the balance of $1,450 (or $1,550) is required by Friday, 26 October, 2018
Proof of payment for the deposit is uploaded into your application form and for the balance it must be emailed to Dr Shaoming Zhou by the due dates.  Late payment is not accepted and will result in cancellation of your registration for this program.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by credit card (Visa and Master card only) by using the online facility.  The details of which will be sent to you in response to your expression of interest. 

Students are responsible for the cost of flights, meals, accommodation (at around $20/night, subject to exchange rate) and for any personal expenditure. Students are also responsible for the cost of obtaining a Chinese visa (visa application instructions will be provided).

Important notes

  • Students will be advised of group travel arrangements in the briefing sessions. Students should not organise their travel arrangements prior to the initial briefing.  Anyone who does will not be approved to participate in this program for ignoring this arrangement.
  • This is a study abroad program at Fudan University, not part of the University of Melbourne exchange program with Fudan University. Payment is made through the University of Melbourne and transferred to Fudan University.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is compulsory and can be obtained through the University free of charge for students receiving credit for this program; You are required to provide proof of insurance cover (either University of Melbourne or some alternative) to Dr Zhou.

Students applying to do study abroad will be considered for a Melbourne Global Scholars Award automatically when their application is approved.  

If you are currently studying a modern language at the University of Melbourne you may apply for the Melbourne Global Mobility Scholarship for Language Study. Funding is also available from various sources including faculties and the Australian government.

What if I need to withdraw?
Students who need to withdraw must do so in writing.  The deposit payment of $300 is NOT refundable*.

With regard to the program fee, for students who withdraw after:

  • 15 October, 2018 the cancellation fee of 75% of the full program fee applies.
  • 1 December, 2018 the cancellation fee of 100% of the full program fee applies.
* There may be circumstances in which the deposit is fully or partially refunded at the School’s discretion e.g. if a student does not receive the required Faculty approval or if a student’s visa application is unsuccessful.

Airlines may levy their own cancellation fees.

When do I have to apply?
Students must express their interest to Dr Zhou by Wednesday, 15 August and attend one of the initial briefing sessions in May or August.  Applications will be due online by midnight on Sunday, 2 September.

Briefing Sessions
A number of meetings will be held to prepare students for this study abroad program in China after you are approved to participate in September. Details of the sessions will be sent to you by email. These meetings are obligatory. Failure to attend will result in cancellation of your participation.

Please do not send enquiries to Dr Zhou before you attend one of the initial briefing sessions.

Dr Shaoming Zhou